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	The perl script in this directory should work on any platform
that supports Perl.  It does need one additional Perl module called
Net::RawIP; this is used to both sniff the unreachables off the wire and
create the BCC copies.

	To do this, take the following steps as root/Administrator on
the system that will be running dibs.pl:

perl -MCPAN -eshell

	If you've never used CPAN before, you'll be asked:

"Are you ready for manual configuration?"

	Here you can either answer the individual prompts, or simply
answer "no" which causes the CPAN module to work with defaults.
	When you get a "cpan>" prompt back, run:

install Net::RawIP

	This should download, compile, and install the Net::RawIP module
on your system.  If there are no errors, you should be able to run
dibs.pl now as root/Administrator:

perl dibs.pl

	I have found that on some platforms, Net::RawIP-0.1 does _not_
compile; it fails with the following errors:

RawIP.xs: In function `ip_opts_creat':
RawIP.xs:444: error: label at end of compound statement
RawIP.xs: In function `tcp_opts_creat':
RawIP.xs:543: error: label at end of compound statement

	I have a patch that fixes this at
http://www.stearns.org/patches/Net-RawIP-0.1-default-label-patch .  I
have an RPM with this patch applied at http://www.stearns.org/perl/

	Sorry about the headache; I'm hoping the author of the package
uploads a new version at some point.

Compatibility notes:

	The script works on:
- Redhat Linux
- Fedora Core Linux

	It is believed to have problems on:
- Mac OS/X (incomplete ethernet support in Perl)

- Windows with Activestate Perl
- Windows with Cygwin

To be fixed:

	At the moment, the script has a hardcoded interface of "eth0". 
If you need to change this, please edit the script - I'll do a command
line parameter for this soon.

The files in this collection are part of William Stearns' software archive. If any of the links on this page do not work, you may be viewing an incomplete mirror. There is a complete list of the mirror sites at the starting page for this mirror and at the primary mirror.

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